Our Discretionary service allows you to hand over the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio to us within agreed and set parameters for asset classes, sectors and foreign currency.

This Service allows for a comprehensive and continuous portfolio management from an investment professional. Through our Discretionary Investment Service we can react quickly to situations as they develop. Your portfolio will be closely monitored to ensure that it continues to be invested in accordance with your risk parameters and strategic objectives. The Discretionary Investment Service allows us to take advantage of appropriate opportunities on your behalf and report these to you.

We will discuss your investment objectives and attitude to risk during our introductory meetings where we formulate the guidelines for the management of your portfolio. This is done by putting together a Client Profile. Our investment decisions are then made within these parameters as set out in the Client Profile and our mandate is periodically reviewed with you.

Once the Discretionary portfolio is established we will handle all the paperwork and administration and provide you with comprehensive records and reports on a monthly basis or as requested by yourself. You will be kept fully briefed on the performance of your investments through regular portfolio reviews and valuations.

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