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In terms of the Companies Act, a Maltese company is required to have a company secretary. The company secretary is an officer of the company and has a number of statutory requirements which, in general, would include keeping the minute book of general meetings and of meetings of the board of directors, maintaining the register of members, register of debentures and other registers, and ensuring that all annual returns and other documents of the company are prepared and delivered in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act.

Finco has developed in-house systems to facilitate the provision of company secretarial services in an efficient manner for our clients. Our team will provide clients with up to date registers, hold records of minute books and prepare annual return forms. We can provide these services both where we are acting as company secretaries and where support is given to an appointed company secretary.

In addition, Finco personnel can attend board meetings and take minutes thereat. Minutes will be prepared in the manner and format dictated by the client.

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